Outdoor Renovations

It’s time to entertain outdoors

Perth is the perfect place for Outdoor Entertainment, especially during the summer months, bringing family and friends together for a few drinks and a BBQ, so you should have an area outside to match your indoor living which can also survive the harsh winter weather.

Whether you’re looking for a fresh patio or impressive alfresco & outdoor kitchen, we can ensure high-quality renovations with waterproof materials and stainless steel hardware.

What’s the difference between a Patio & an Alfresco?

Patios are perfect for those looking to extend their outdoor living without any requirement to renovate the main structure of their home, these can be brick, limestone, concrete, or even decking to match the style of your home. Patio’s give you the freedom to enjoy the sun in an open environment or install a patio roof or outdoor canopy for an escape into the shade. It’s important to think about the purpose and expectations of upkeep when deciding what materials and design you are seeking.

Alfresco’s are the complete outdoor entertainment solution, and are a structural extension to your home, coming as part of the main roof. These are perfect for all seasons with the installation of outdoor blinds allowing you to protect yourself from the weather during the colder months. Alfresco’s can be designed in the same fashion as a patio, and are the more popular option when seeking a complete outdoor kitchen & entertainment area, giving you the freedom to even install your own outdoor TV to keep up with the sports whilst enjoying the outdoors

Why do we use Waterproof materials & Stainless steel?

We always want to maintain a high level of quality with our renovations for our customers, and although you can reduce the costs of building a patio or alfresco without waterproofing or stainless steel, it won’t withstand the tests of time and will quickly weather from the harsh Perth conditions.

Should you build a Patio or an Alfresco?

This comes down to budget, time, and your current home structure. As mentioned above, Patios are an easy extension to your home and can be built at any time, making them a popular choice of renovation.

As for Alfresco’s they will be more expensive and will require a larger level of planning to ensure the structure of your home can support an Alfresco. Otherwise, additional construction will be required to meet the standards required; but they provide you with a much more flexible & consistent usability for all seasons, making it the priority choice if you’d like to install an outdoor kitchen.

Customised Designs

As with all of our renovations, we will work with you to create the perfect outdoor entertainment area for you, where we will work with you through the whole process, from our in-house designers to find your perfect fit, to the actual renovation to ensure it’s completed the way it was meant to be.

More Information & Getting Started

If you would like to know more about our outdoor renovation options or looking for some design options to get started, then please contact us here, or give us a call to talk to one of our friendly staff today.