Laundry Renovations Perth

Laundry renovations

Innovative laundry room designers

When it comes to a home renovation, the laundry is often overlooked, but with an effective floorplan and quality materials, Hollywood Kitchens can transform even the dullest laundry into a highlight. We pride ourselves on providing a top-notch laundry renovation service that leaves all our clients satisfied. No matter how big or small your home, you can trust us to build you an affordable and comfortable space. Contact us today for a quote.

Expert laundry designers

Looking to rejuvenate your laundry space? With our creative laundry room ideas, we can brighten up any room, making the layout a fun and functional work space, with plenty of practical storage space. We also specialise in small laundry design, and with our custom laundry cabinets, we will help you maximise storage space.

You can turn your laundry into a high-performance space with our remodelling expertise. We advise you on the basics of a laundry room and then build on your design ideas from there. A washing machine and sink are standard features but you may want to make room for a tumble dryer. While the lack of storage space is usually why a laundry looks untidy, our experts will remedy this.

Custom laundry cabinets in Perth

We can create functional cupboard space regardless of the area’s size. We will make provision for cleaning detergents, ironing equipment and even a clothes-hanging area if space allows. We will also create custom laundry cabinets with compartments that can house various items, without compromising on space.

DIY laundry cabinets

At Hollywood Kitchens, we offer a package that allows you to install fully assembled laundry cabinets yourself, or we can supply the cabinets in flat-pack form for you to construct and install, saving you even more money.

Whether you’re in Perth or out in the country, we can organise the freight of your new laundry cabinets right to your doorstep.

Laundry benchtops

If you’re looking for laundry benchtop ideas, there are various materials, colours and sizes available. When you visit our showroom, you can choose benchtops based on the surrounding colour scheme and architecture. Even something as simple as changing the benchtop, can create a whole new look for your kitchen or bathroom.

Why choose Hollywood Kitchens?

Compared to renovating a kitchen, a custom laundry renovation is more affordable and it will have a great effect on the way you do your clothes washing. We will make the laundry area so inviting that you will want to do the whole family’s laundry in one day, every day. The design of the laundry room will also influence the output; if everything is organised, and there is enough light, and space to move around, then it makes the entire process so much easier.

Our laundry renovation process is no different from the bathroom or kitchen. We construct the laundry room off-site to ensure you are completely satisfied with everything. Once you approve it, our experienced and professional team will install it for you.

As a room, the laundry is used often but is usually hidden away, as it is usually unsightly and disorganised. Laundry rooms have always been illustrated in this way mainly because it represents a working area. Treat yourself to a working area that doesn’t feel drab when you walk in.

Contact us today to start your laundry renovation process.